All applications must be submitted through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Information can be found on their web site. 

All applications are reviewed in early fall and a select group of applicants will be invited for interviews. If you need any other information regarding our program, you may contact our Residency Coordinator, Amy Johnson, at 773-834-0685. Please do not fax or email any application documents. All should be submitted to ERAS for proper processing.

The University of Chicago Neurosurgery Residency Program utilizes the National Resident Matching Program. For more information, please go to their website or call 202-862-6077.

Application Requirements:

  • Complete Program Application
  • Copy of Current CV
  • Copy of ECFMG certificate (if applicable)
  • Copy of Illinois License (if resident is currently licensed in Illinois)
  • 3 letters of recommendation in addition to the Dean's letter*
  • Copy of Medical School Diploma
  • A copy of your current visa or green card (if applicable)

Your CV should include your full name, current address and phone number, date and place of birth, name of your medical school, date of entry and date of graduation from medical school (dates listed as month/day/year), listing of previous applications in neurosurgery or any other residency program, years spent in residency programs of any kind (including neurosurgery), citizenship, and Visa status.

*We are aware that your Dean's letter will follow in November.

We include in your itinerary a dinner reception prior to your scheduled date for the interview. It is required that you attend, as it is part of the overall interview process. During this time you will have an opportunity to interact with faculty and residents. If you are invited for an interview, we will provide you with a schedule of the evening and next day.

Trainees who are not U.S. Citizens nor green card holders, must be ECFMG certified and eligible to apply for the appropriate visa before beginning a residency or fellowship program at the University of Chicago Medical Center. We accept: Permanent or J-1 Visas (preferred). You should have already taken and passed USMLE Steps I and II. You are required to submit the application information above to ERAS.