Javad Hekmat-panah, MD

Javad Hekmat-panah, MD, has 40 years of experience as a neurosurgeon and neurologist. He offers evaluations, consultations, and second opinions for patients with complex neurological conditions and chronic back pain.

Dr. Hekmat-panah is also an active medical researcher. His areas of focus include the study of microvessels, which are the reason for many illnesses and complications affecting the brain. His laboratory research focuses on the study of microvessels of the brain and their pathophysiologic alterations in the conditions mentioned below.

Microvessels Research

Microvessels in Traumatic Brain Injury

Microvessels in Coma

Microvessels in Cardiac Arrest

Microvessels and Malignant Brain Tumors

Dr. Hekmat-panah is also currently researching microvessels and their role in arterial air embolism.

Clinical Research

Through IRB approved protocols, he studies:

  • Outcome and operative results in brain tumors
  • Head injury in abused and neglected children
  • Correlation of the CT and MRI with traumatic brain injuries in progress

Clinical practice

Consultation, evaluation, and recommendation for neurosurgical conditions, especially in Chronic Complicated Back Pain.

Clinical interest is on the ethical considerations in Doctor-Patient communication: