Presentations by Neurovascular research Team at International Stroke Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, February 7-9, 2024

The Neurovascular Surgery Research Team including faculty (Awad, Polster and Girard), visiting scholar (Koskimaki), postdoctoral trainees (Alcazar and Hage) and predoctoral trainees (Bennett, Bindall, and Srinath) and Research Managers (Stadnick and Lightle) presented 5 papers (circulating biomarkers versus permeability and iron content in CASH lesions, trial updates on CASH consortium projects, transcriptome of cerebral microbleeds, disruption of the neurovascular unit by focal brain irradiation, and common plasma biomarkers across different brain injury mechanisms) and one invited presentation (future of ICH evacuation) at the International Stroke Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, February 7-9, 2024. Congratulation s to the presenters and everyone on the home front team who supported them in the research.